In Linfal's alphabet...

 Angusin is one of the mightiest of the Kaanho. His blue armor, created by C'Don and gifted through the Flame at Chialta, is impervious to all harm, and his spear,Arloss ("Victory"), granted at the same time, cannot be resisted by anything on Tu. He occupies a position somewhat similar to Odin in Norse mythology. He rarely goes to mortal lands, but had at least one liason with a mortal woman, resulting in a child who was the ancestor of the great family of the Cathurias, who for a while subjegated much of Tu, and from whom Dahnmaya Cath-me-bec and his brother are descended from.

He is married to Linfal, and their children are the star-warriors, including their first son, Klaschi, who after being wounded, became smith to the Kaanho. He also had one child by Mayalaph before he married Linfal, and their daughter is Hedene.

Angusin is wise but not all-wise, and although he has learned much from talking to C'Don through the Flame on Chialta, there are many things that are hidden even from him.

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