Cassandra is a world of lakes, rivers, and great oceans. It is inhabited by a horselike, somewhat centauroid race in the midst of a Bronze Age...who owe fealty to a circling asteroid from which orders issue from the mysterious beings known as the Fates.

In reality, the Fates are future Cassandrans, from thousands of years in the future...who have reversed time on the asteroid they've hollowed out to live on...but by reversing time, became anti-matter, and thus don't dare risk having actual contact with Cassandra proper. (Magnetic fields keep smaller masses away). They are proceeding at the opposite way that we are through them, two hundred years ago would be two hundred years in the FUTURE. They issue commands to the present Cassandrans to ensure that they will reach the future that spawned THEM.

This world is under the protection of the Community Cluster, but like Eden, is forbidden to land on. The more contact between the Cassandrans...whose future is an open book to the orbiting Fates/future Cassandrans...the less the Cluster will be able to exercise free will, or feel their decisions are their own, rather than predestined.

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Cassandra's Planetology,

Cassandra's Star System,

Cassandran Physiology...the physiology of the sentient race.

Cassandra's Fauna

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Cassandran Society

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