Or in Linfal's script...

 C'Don is basically God to Tu. He created it with his own power, and as far as any being on Tu is concerned, is omnipotent and omniscient. He lives in the Greater World, and the entire world of Tu (including the stars and the sun and the Ocean-beneath-the-world) is contained in a blue ring on his right hand. He has four other rings...red, yellow, silver, and black...and three are previous world-creations of his, and the black one is a source of mystery. He once ventured into the world of Tu himself, taking on mortality, and was burned alive as a heretic in the realm of Honrar. A burning ember of that fire was taken to a C'Donite priest, who made it into a larger fire...and from that fire, C'Don spoke directly to that priest. The Flame (as it is called, always capitalized) is the only way to speak directly with C'Don, but he does not always answer. The priest who first spoke to him through the Flame became the head of the C'Donite religion, somewhat equivelent to the Pope for the Catholic church. Oaths are often referring to the Flame..."by the Flame!"

One other such Flame exists on Tu, in Chialta, the White City of the Kaanho, the godlike beings who manage much of Tu's affairs, under the protection of Angusin, king of the Kaanho. No mortal can reach that, without the Kaanho's direct permission.

The essential part of each person's soul is taken by Zaer, the Kaan of death (Kaan=godlike power) where he conveys it into the Flame on Chialta and sends it to the Greater World, through the Flame on Chialta. Zaer, from the smoke that arises from putting the soul in, makes a mirror-image of the soul, a ghost if you will, which he conveys to his own drear land...which has all the memories of the original, but must do Zaer's bidding.

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