Donalgrimm was the daughter of Mayalaph by Zaer, and Edonarter was her brother. They are different as day and night, or life and death. Donalgrimm lived in her father's misty lands, and loved it there. Men dread it when she leaves, for she brings pestilence and famine with her, spreading disease everywhere she does. She also sends battlelust, the warsickness or powersickness, her sicknesses are not limited solely to the body, but sicknesses of the mind, also. It is said, early in her life, she travelled to Wal Moortz and there talked long with Sagin, through the Dark Tower, and that often the shadow of Sagin would come and talk to her as it travelled the world. She has never taken a lover (unless she has willingly yielded to the shadow of Sagin, as her mother was violated by it) but lives alone, and gloats at the lives drawn to her father's realm.

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