Eden is a world of superintelligent savages. Living on an extremely metal-poor world, they cannot control their enviornment as much as worlds such as Earth that has an abundence of metals. As a consequence, the theory that evolution will stop when you reach human-level status and CAN control your enviornment doesn't apply as fully to them, so they have progressed far beyond the human, Lokiite, or Ganeshan intellect. When discovered by humans, one of their number took over a ship and wanted to plant colonies elsewhere...and casually invented a faster-than-light drive to do so, something that had eluded earthly science for thousands of years. But they were recalled by the elders of their tribe, who reasoned, if they started colonizing or getting metals from other worlds, they too would stop evolving...and then they would never reach the plateaus they someday hope to achieve. (And some OTHER undiscovered race on a metal-poor world would eventually surpass them). So they recalled the ship, and the Community Cluster has a strict guard around the Milton star system of which Eden is a part. Only one Edenite at a time is allowed to leave that world and tour the Community Cluster, as mutually agreed by both the Cluster and the tribal elders of Eden.

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Eden's Planetology,

Eden's Star System,

Edenite Physiology...the physiology of the sentient race.

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Edenite Society

Edenite History

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