Here are a selected few of Eden's many animals...

THANELVIA--the largest land animal on Eden. 40 feet tall, the cartiligous skeleton keeps it from reaching the proportions of a brontosaurus. One of the beguiling things about Eden are the dinosaurlike fauna. Large size has survival value, cannot be blown by Eden's great winds, etc. Despite its reptilian appearance, gives live birth and is a mammal...nurses its young.

MOCKER--small lizardlike being, with great, if retractable claws for clinging to objects during a hurricane. Can imitate sentient sounds, not unlike an earthly parrot.

NAJOH--a marine predator. There are not enough minerlas to make slashing teeth like the shark it resembles. INstead swallows prey whole with its snakelike hinged jaw. Can even store excess food in chamber adjacent to its stomach. If killed before it has used its food, the "food" can still be ablie. Breathes air via blowholes. It gives live birth, although scaled like a fish.

STINGMASTER--a jellyfish-like inveterbrate, with seven appendanges that sense, sting, and draw materials inside for digestion.

VILIANATH--a giant sea animal, larger than a whale, very bad tempered and dangerous.

HUGEFOOT---Mammoth-sized dinosaurlike mammal that roams the forests. Smaller than the Thanelvia.

CLINGERS---cousins of the Mockers, small lizardlike beings with big retractable claws for clinging to things during a hurricane.

Animal life is divided into inveterbrates and pseudo-veterbrates, there being no true veterbrate on Eden.

No flying insectlike animals, due to strong winds...they would be knocked outof the sky.

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