The overwhelming impression is of biped snakes, save larger than any earthly snake and with a much larger cranial capacity. Their pseudospine is so flexible, being more of cartilage like a shark's than strict bone as we're used to, that they can contort their bodies in ways we cannot begin to. But snakes with hands and feet. Perhaps a lizard would be closer, if it were not for the fact that they are flexible in ways few veterbrate animals are.

The young take an extremely long time to mature. They cannot walk until four or talk until six. Not sexually mature until they're thirty. Lifespan is very long-lived...800 to 900 years.

There are many subspecies and species, differentiated over eons of time. The Edenites have been sentient for tens of millions of years. There are Hunters who are strictly carnivores, Plantmasters who are strictly vegetarian, Seawdwellers who returned to the sea, like seals and dolphins), Skyowners (winged like flying squirrels, small in stature) and others. These seperate species cannot interbreed. Still, these other breeds are a small minority compared to the vast majority of Edenites.

Their proteins are made with D-amino acids---they cannot begin to eat earthly foods, or vice versa, since we are made with L-amino acids.

Eight fingers on each hand, including two thumbs on either side of the palm. Flickering tongue picks up scent. The whole class of animals that the Edenite sentient race belongs to is called pseudoveterbrates, with a cartilaginous skeleton like sharks. Has two tiny holes in the roof of their mouth, which tongue tips enter...a highly sensitive organ, a combination taste/smell. Eves usually clear and bright orange-yellow. They touch tongue to snout than tongues together in their "kissing". Can shed their skin every so often. Different patterns and colors of skin indicate tribe and status. A diurnal animal like man, prefers daylight. There are two small pits in the face that can determine small differences in heat.

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