Dubbed the Milton system by human astronauts, it consists of...

Uriel, its sun, an F9 star

And its planets...

2. Uzziel
3. Eden
4. Ithuriel
5. Zephon
6. Michael
7. Abdiel
8. Raphael

A word about that last world. Pandemonium is a superjovian world, just barely substellar (where fusion would start to take place.) and its moons (see below) are as big as some of the other planets. Farther out than Pluto is in our solar system, its gravity disturbs the competary halo, which is larger than Sol's, anyway. The combination makes their space comet-haunted. On any one night on Eden you might see at least one, and sometimes two or three comets.

The moons of Pandemonium are...

1. Beezelbub
2. Moloch
3. Chemnos
4. Astoreth
5. Dagon
6. Rimmon
7. Belial
8. Azazel

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