Edonharter is the hunter supreme. The son of Mayalaph and Zaer, he derives pleasure from the thrill of the hunt, and truth to tell, from the bloodletting. Yet he loves the animals he hunts, and would never hunt them to extinction, and honors those that give him a great hunt. Occasionally, he will let one go that has led him on a particularly good hunt. His weapon is the bow and arrow, and he rarely lets it out of his grasp. Occasionally, though, he is occupied with pleasanter pastimes...either resting or lovemaking...and will set his multicolored bow in the clouds. The rythym of the rain usually makes him amorous, so it is not unusual to see his bow after a rainstorm.

He respects bravery above all, and is the Kaan not only of the hunt and of wild animals, but of war and conflict. He is drawn to such conflicts, giving valor to those who need it most and often deciding the battle for them. He also taught herding to man. In addition to the bow, he carries a long hunting knife and a great hunting horn. He uses no steed, for no steed is swifter than he, and he is fastest of all the Kaanho. He serves as herald and messenger to Angusin. He loves not his father's gloomy realms, but loves to visit woods and fields, often in the company of his half-sister, Hedene. At night, sometimes he is seen rushing across the moon, and they talk of the Wild Hunter, and he could be hunting a fine animal, an evil man, or carrying a message for Angusin. He has a dwelling in Chialta, but only uses it occasionally.

He loves the elven peoples, and often hunts in the lush forests of Wal Langand. In form, he resembles either an elvenprince or a thin, lithe human, and his hair is golden.

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