K8 sun Siegfried, .44 mass of Sol, .15 luminosity, .2 a.u. out. .4 year. Like Loki, a metal-rich planet, more earthquakes, poisons, outcroppings of metal. Smaller though--diameter .8, g .88. Mountians and dunes steeper. Tidally locked to Fastoldt, day/month roughly 24 of our days. Waves on the Fastold-facing side are 8 times as high as ours. The tides on the side facing away from Fastoldt are 1/8 of ours. Life wouldn't have started on fastold side, but might find the non-Fastoldt side more agreeable. Axial tilt ten degrees, whichmakes for a milder summer and winter than earth normal, and each season passes in one of their month-days. 3 Oceans--Voglinda Ocean, Velgunda Ocean, Flosshilda Ocean.

Siegfried System:
1. Fastoldt 2, Fafnir--double planet.
3. Alberich
4. Brunhilde--one moon, Grane.
5. Siegmund 6. Seiglinda--another double planet.
7. Hunding 8. Mime 9., Gunther 10. Gutruna--yet another double planet.
10. Gutruna
11. Hagen

There is no real explanation for no less than THREE double planets in the same solar system. Scientists are still studying it.

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