Some interesting examples of the fauna on Frey's seas are...

FOAMFEEDERS, small carnivorous seadwelling fishlike creatures.
DEATHJAWS--large carnivores of the sea. Man size, with barracuda like jaws and a voracious appetite like a shark.
SUPEREEL--a herbivorious sea creature who feeds on Frey's equivelent of plankton, the largest living creature on Frey, larger than a whale, eel or serpent like.
GOLDDANGERS--herbivore, fishlike animals that feed off plants by reefs. Good to eat, golden in color, but spotting some often means you are close to a reef, so makes for dangerous fishing.
SEADANCERS--herbivore. Small insectlike creature, feeds off Frey's equivelent of plankton, floats on surface.
WAVELOVERS--tiny scavengers, darting in the waves.

Some interesting desert fauna on the inner desert of the continent of Skidbladnir...

SKYCLAW--a carnivore, a sort of flying catlike nighttime predator, two feet long at most, with wings not unlike a flying squirrel, but with additional bones therein, almost like a pterodactyl.
BLOODKING--a fierce carnivore, can kill a man. THe "King of the Beasts" for Frey. Tall, majestic, catlike, with a curious arrangement on its head...evidently a cooling mechanism for the deep desert...which suggests a crown.
BRIGHTEYES--small, nighttime omnivore with large eyes that reflect light, not unlike a cat's eyes. SMall like a lemur.
TUSKERS--large herbivores with tusks, dangerous, not unlike water buffallo in temperament.
SILVERSTEED--herbivore, an animal that can be domesticated and ridden, like a horse or a camel can here on earth. Invariably silver, it is more catlike in form than horselike. Like riding a lion or a giant cheetah.
NEVERDRINK--large herbivore which, like a camel, can go weeks without any sort of drink.
FLITTERALFS--small flying insectlike scavengers.

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