Frey's history: With precarious settlements on the few landmasses, local families that gained prominence formed an almost feudal protectiveness of the lesser families. The families, in turned, formed the ERAA, to make sure the ecological resources were not squandered. A priest, early in Frey's history, blessed and consecrated Frey, and some idolized him, said he talked with God Himself and was Frey's spokesman before God. He disappeared testing one of the new Sailships, using modern technology to far surpass what former sailships could do. About two hundred years after the ERAA was formed, a few rebel families attempted a coup, and for the first time, war hit Frey. The ERAA had very few soldiery, mostly police and volunteer militia. If the Chief Chancellor hadn't been, as it happened, once reared in a prirate stronghold and much tougher than he appeared, the ERAA wouldn't have survived, as he drafted youths and turned every resource into survival. Some five hundred years after Frey was founded, an Institute of Alien Insights into Theology was formed, which gathered many of the different religious beliefs of other races there, which in turn influenced the religious thinking of the settlement, giving it a more Universalist slant, more liberal and less inclined to be humancentric. Some seven hundred years after Frey's founding, the semi-feudal system is breaking down, under pressure from the "lesser" families frustrated by the lack of any way to progress.

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