Frey's sun, Tau Ceti, is a G8 star. Lum is .4 Sol's. Frey circles at .8 a.u., which gives it a year which is .73's Earth's. It's day is 18 and a half hours, giving storms and tornadoes a little more fierce than Earth's. Frey's surface is nine-tenths water. There is only one continent as big as Australia on Earth, Skidbaldnir, and another landmass the size of Grenland, called Gullinbursti and a large island the size of Great Britain, called Alfheim, another one roughly that size caleld Barre, and a third, a little smaller, called Njord, and another slightly smaller one than Njord called Gullvieg.

It's diameter is 1.15's Earth---0.95 Earth's density...which gives it a gravity 1.08's Earth's. The axial tilt is seven degrees, which means the seasonal changes are very mild.

It's moon, Skyrnir, is fast in the skies. It's "month" is little more than a week. Skyrnir is roughly 50 thousand miles out from the surface of Frey. It appears three-fourths as large as Luna in Earth's sky, one-fourth as large as Luna in actuality. Tides are seven times as great as Earth's! That's another factor that has eroded much of the surface area of Frey.

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