Lilung is an offspring of the Kaanho, in that his father was the great Sun-Dragon, Tuao. First of all the non-Kaan dragons, his fiery breath was a sign of the inheritance of his father. He settled down in the eastern ocean off Honrar, and there had numerous children, grandchildren, etc. He carries, as a badge of office, a mystical Pearl of Wisdom that tells him much that happens in the world. He rarely emerges from the City-Under-the-Sea, and has unmitigated contempt for the rest of Tu's inhabitants, especially humans. Most dragons live in his kingdom, and the few that humans encounter are usually criminals exiled by for once. Lllung's most beloved sun was sunning himself on the beach, when Dahnmaya's uncle spotted him and whilst the dragon was unawares, killed him, striking through the soft underbelly. Lilung and ALL his dragons arose in wrath and used their flight, fierce claws and fiery breath to bring an end to the Cathurian Empire. It was the despair caused by the destruction of his forefather's empire that caused Dahnmaya to make a bargain with Sagin.

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