Some major cities of Loki include...

Vegnar--the most industrialized, greatest trade city. The Fel hierarchy has moved its headquarters there.

Garrm--Pleasure City of winter sports on Southern Continent. Also famous for its breeding grounds.

Harrokin--seat of the Haki heirarchy, famous for its artistic and cultural events.

Salupp--religious center for the Fane-cult. Biggest Fane-temple in the world.

Raleid--partly in ruins, once seat where Krolf Haki ruled.

CITY PLANNING--one difference is that crosswalks for pedestrians are ABOVE street level, because NO vehicle will stop for the pedestrians. Tradition of massive buiilding--castles, pyramids, and, currently, arcologies are the rule rather than the exception. Cities consist of several major arcologies and outlying buildings. The arcologies are easier to defend.

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