Some memorable animals in Loki's ecology are...

 THODRETH--a deepsea predator, 30 to 40 tons, giant serpents with fins, 100 to 200 feet long. They stay deepsea much of the time, then come to surface to feed. Dark colors on top to blend with ocean floor. No childbonds, since eggs merely hatch without one.

 TYRBUND--Domesticated predator, 500 to 1000 pounds, often turns on masters...like all Lokiite animals, no sense of loyalty. Cannibalistic. 4 to 5 feet high, rather wolflike, childbonds between legs.

 YIGBRENG--herbivores, speedy, can do fifty mphs. Herds, fierce pecking order. Invariably white in color, extra pouches on side helps in recirculating air and cooling the animal. Migrates between tundra and forest.

 HYMFLEE--Close evolutionary cousin of Lokiites, only escaped to sea. Eats fish, about chimpanzee-level intelligence. Sings long songs, ears very sensitive. Carnivores, feed on fish. Has childbonds, as all higher animals do.

 BROKKBAN--buzzing, flying pests with stingers...quite annoying. (Unlike earthly insects, their equivelent on Loki only have four limbs). Attenae reaches out from fore arms.

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