Bits and snippets from Loki's history...

Their greatest conqueror---the first to become Survivor (leader) of almost all of Loki--was named Fel. His empire collapsed after his death, but the Hierarchy of Fel, located on the continent of Laufey, is still one of the most powerful hierarchies.

Interesting, the Lokiites themselves often use the Norse-inspired nomenclature that the humans brought...since there was a dispute between two hierarchies on nomenclature for scientific and mapping purposes, it made an easy compromise. (Much as scientists use Greek classifications to avoid using ethnocentric language.)

A rival hierary, the Haki heirarchy, founded by Krolf Haki, a (perhaps) lengencary Survivor/king, is more mystical oriented than the Fel hierarchy.

The drive for scientific endeavour has always been practical and utilitarian, rather than abstract knowledge. Much delving into weaponry, poisoning, etc. They were handicapped at first by using slaves to try to delve into science, but soon found that was counter-productive.

One of their most honored naval heroes is Kiree, who discovered the continents of Hela and Jormungund.

Lafo was a Survivor(leader) of the Fel hierarchy who aspired to be a new Fane. (See Loki's religions.) He disappeared one day, and is rumored to be one of Fane's guards in Otherworld. Was called Lafo the Otherworldly.

Raldha the lighthaired was a Survivor (leader) of the Fel hierarchy when humans first arrived. His hair was lighter than most Lokiites, a mild orange.

The Niff hierarchy are mostly wandering hunters and herdsmen who speak a totally unrelated tongue to the rest of Loki, as different as Basque is from the Indoeuropean languages. Rich in furs, reputedly rich in witchcrafts to the superstitious. Nevertheless, continually raided by the other hierarchies.

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