Nado was the second of the Amonkaanho, the first of the Powers that walked the Greater World, and a parent to the Kaanho proper. Nado is the Kaan of Order and Justice, and some call him Fate. He is the husband of Seyhe He has three children by Seyhe... Sagin, then Zaer, then Angusin. He and Pipiath designed the buildings of the Greater World, he as the engineer and planner, Pipiath as the artist and creative agency. Seyhe guides the souls that Zaer sends from Tu after their death before C'Don. Then Nado will speak of what they have earned and deserve, and Iader will speak of mercy and plead for the soul. Then C'Don will make his decision. Either the soul will stay with C'Don and the Amonkaanho in the paradise built near the lake Sonuria, or they will be exiled, and sent to wander the mountains of Chaos that encircle it. There are deep shadows in those mountains, and if the soul exiled falls into one, Sagin can do what he wills with it, even drawing it back to Sagin's prison on Tu.

He assumes the form of a squat man with dark hair and beard, rather muscular, with a stern visage. Zaer has much of his manner, whereas his passion for ordering things is accentuated in Sagin...because Nado will order things within C'Don's scheme of things, and Sagin wants to break free of C'Don's limits. Angusin inherited his passion for judgement and justice.

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