November 15, 2000,8:00 p.m.

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When I was a kid, there was a wonderful show, surrealist, in some ways post-modernist, called THE PRISONER, in which Patrick McGoohan was kept in a 1984-style community based on doublethink.

That's what I feel like. A prisoner of odd web page providers (but free---well, I guess you get what you pay for) ----just like the country seems to be a Prisoner of lawyers, courts and rhetoric.

 I thought Gore was pretty slick late today, when he was the first to make a proposal on an end game, and the first to say they should meet together to lessen the shrillness.

Then the secretary of state of Florida in effect slammed the door, saying no recounts will be accepted.

Then Bush came out, effectively denying the process, although still trying desperately not trying to sound like he doesn't want to look at the will of the people...

That he is, in effect, saying machines are more trustworthy than people. (Despite his own laws in the state of Texas that he himself signed into law...)

Interestingly, former President Carter virtually proposed the same deal as Gore, volunteering for himself and former President Ford to oversee same...a recount of the entire state of Florida.

Because of course, James Baker is right about this much. Just recounting the votes in heavily Democratic counties proves nothing. Only a recount on the entire state would give anyone any trust in the process.

 There was a PRISONER TV show once where the hero---never named, usually only referred to as Number Six---ran for mayor or some sort of elective office in the idyllic Village. Of course, even if he won, he was only a figurehead, the village being run by Number Two in the name of the mysterious Number One. This election has that same sort of feeling...

Like the only ones who won---won in Wonderland. That it really, in the long run, makes no difference.

Which may be the truth. With a nearly evenly-split Congress, neither will be able to get much of anything done. For those who think the best government is the least government, they may be able to console themselves that the next best thing is a paralyzed government...and that's what we'll get here.

 Ah, for someone---a Clarence Darrow, a Perry Mason, F. Lee Bailey, or whatsisname Cochran---a lawyer to come forth and make a case so passionate yet so logical as to clear away the clouds from this election.

I think the secretary of state of Florida, as the co-chair of Bush's campaign, is inevitably, perhaps unconsciously, prejudiced towards Bush's side. That she cannot render an impartial judgement any more than Jeb Bush, who recused himself, can, without the appearance of impropriety. (For the record, I would feel the same about the attorney general, a pro-Gore democrat, if he were put in charge of the votes.)

 Is there a way to break the stalemate? To reach across the aisle and make a consensus? I hate to say it, but I really don't see any way or any hope of this happening...without an act of sheer statesmanship, to take one's breath away.

Gore's offer tonight was a step in that direction, but not far enough.

Instead, our election hinges on court orders and interpretations.

We are left, like the Prisoner, lost in a community full of meaningless and shallow laws that matter not at all, at all.

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