November 16, 2000,8:00 p.m.

 It's cold. It's cloudy. It's rainy. It would have been a good day to stay in with a cup of hot chocolate and a warm member of the opposite sex to cuddle with.

Instead I had to work. I had to cope with several people planning out when they're going to be gone for Christmas, and making sure we'll have enough people, an upcoming Six Sigma project looming closer and closer, an inability to reach someone before a deadline they imposed, due to them taking a few days off....

Yet...it was a comfortable day.

 I got through a major interface for another part of the company, quicker than the head of that department expected, and set it up on several terminals. (One egotistical note: I love being told how clever I am. I think most of us do.)

At work they served Thanksgiving dinner a week early, in the cafeteria, for free. I got dressing. Lots and lots of dressing. I can never have too much dressing.

Barb got the new version of Paintshop Pro and installed it tonight. It seems loaded with lots of new features. Yet all I really wanted it to do was scan and resize. 'Tis enough. 'Twill serve.

There was a new copy of ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY waiting for me at home, and we had several soft tacos apiece for supper.

 I'm happily looking through stories of fictional farming families, like GRAPES OF WRATH, and "The Colour Out of Space" and Dorothy Gale, as well as Sherlock Holmes stories featuring Mrs. Hudson. I have a crazy idea---and there is nothing so satisfying, somehow, as the fascination of a crazy idea.

I note with some surprise that xoom/nbci has finally come back up, and I'll be able to upload the entries to xoom if I want to...

Ooops. Spoke too soon. Still can't ftp in. Figures.


Yeah, life looks pretty good, sometimes.

 Barb went out and got some Flavor Rush rippled chips, and handed me a bag.

It's going to be a bit of a rush getting all my documentation together, but I'm sure about the presentation of my Six Sigma project, and I know it can be used almost immediately.

One of my subordinates (geez, that sounds so fuedal) is applying for another position...and I'm cheering her on, because any promotion out of our department is a compliment to us and our training methods. I have someone in mind, who applied the last time we had an opening, who would be perfect...although I'd miss the person who's leaving, terribly...

 The Florida Supreme Court is allowing the counties to go ahead and have their count. Of course, the Florida secretary of state (and cochair for the Bush campaign in Florida) doesn't have to accept them. Yet if she really wants to certify votes, when we will know whether Gore really won Florida or not...

Wellll...let's just say I don't think she's that politically suicidal. It's bad enough that Bush is claiming victory when Gore got more votes than he did...popular votes...but if it's demonstrable that Gore really did win Florida...

I dunno...if Bush becomes President under those circumstances (which may not happen, of course), Commander-in-Thief would seem to be a mild name for him....

I don't think he'd do it. Of course, I've been wrong before...

The universe continues to expand.

Water doesn't run uphill.

All's well.

(Raising a glass of Diet Coke.) To a comfortable day.

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