Pipiath was the fourth of the Amonkaanho, the first of the Powers that walked the Greater World, and a parent to the Kaanho proper. Pipiath is the Kaan of Imagination, of Creativity, of Art and of Dreams. He is the husband of Iader. He has three children by Iader... Mayalaph , then the twins Linfal, and Sashang. He also had a child Tuao, the Sun-Dragon, by Seyhe due to the trickery of Sagin, but he is not too worried about it. Though he respects and loves C'Don, he is a bit of a trickster himself.

Every night, humans surrender to sleep. During that time, Pipiath draws the soul to realms he created, and which shift and sway with every new whim that Pipiath has. Someimes he does it to give them ideas, sometimes he does it to entertain, sometimes he does it from sheer mischeviousness. When the soul awakes, they say they have had a dream.

He is tall and lanky, always smiling, with golden hair. Often dancing and capering and never too serious, his laughter often rings in the Greater World. Mayalaph and Sashang inherited his wildness.

His art adorns the buildings that Nado plans, and his music fills the Greater World. C'Don, himself the Creator, nevertheless loves Pipiath's creations, and says the Greater World would be a much poorer place without him.

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