My name is Flint Redwine. I was born on Frey.
I was the younger of two children, both boys. My interests tended in two main areas: I was always interested in spiritual things (and had a minor interest in mythology...) and I was always interested in xenological studies. My father was a salesman who dealt with the Ganeshans quite often.
   My school work centered on xenology, and though I had always been interested in things spiritual, it seemed a better way to make money, as a xenological consultant, especially when I fell in love with Lee when I was eighteen.
   We were married when I was twenty.
   Our first child, a girl, was born when I was twenty-two. We called her Frankie (her real name was Francine). Our second girl, Jan (short for Janet) was born when I was twenty-four.
    A year later, they all died in a house fire. The house's AI was being serviced, so none of the automatic defenses were working.
    There are no words for how I felt when I saw the remains of the house, of....
    No words.
    A few months later, I entered seminary school.  Later I was transferred to the seminary at Havlinn, where my xenological interests were attracting attention.  It was my first time to the center of the Community Cluster.
   In athletics I prefer martial arts.  I was a wimpish kid, and it seemed the best way to go. I learned that I liked it, and once when I did a practice leap, I ruined the door frame. Lee read me the riot act over that.
   I read a lot: I'm fond of older classics...the ILLIAD, the ODDYSSEY, PARADISE LOST, THE BROTHERS KAMAZAROV.
   I also like to eat, and have a reputation of a minor (very minor) gourmet and amateur chef.
   That'll do for a beginning.