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Written in the Year of our Lord 3580, March 27th, Wednesday  night.
Location: The Fel arcology on the city Vagnar on the continent of Laufey, near the Ran ocean, on Loki.

     This morning, I was trying to sample some other Lokiite arts. They have music, and I was playing a musical tape.  It sounded to me like people screaming at different pitches.  My ears weren't attuned to the air pressure here, perhaps, to appreciate it fully. Or maybe it was really tortured people screaming. I was afraid to ask.

     Glutheim came with a proposal. "You've been here in the arcology for a while, but of course our world is bigger and more complex than that.  We're going to arrange a tour of Loki. I'll be accompanying you, and your two guards and of course any children they have...."

     Startled, I said, "That's right.  During the childbonding years, the parents can't be very far from the child, can they?"

     "Of course not. Or at least the mother can't...oh. " He paused. "That's right. Your parents can leave their children for a time, can't they?"

     I nodded.

    "I'm envious. I remember when I was a young mother..."

     This changing of the sexes thing at age forty will take some getting used to, I thought.

     "Anyway, we'll be able to see thordeths on the Ran ocean, or the mighty Nibulud river teeming with hymflees, We'll be able to see cities like Hyrrokin, Salaupp, and Raleighd.   We can give you a little more idea of the range of our world, and its possibilities."

      He sighed, as if about to say something distasteful. "I understand Nirut wants to travel with us, also, at least as far as Hyrrokin.  Derheim has agreed."

      "Hmmm. So we'll have two priests, two soldiers, and one politician and at least one child. I think we need one more member."


     "A psychiatrist."

      Still,  I wanted to go. It didn't do much good to be on another planet when all you saw was sterile corridors and buildings. You wanted to feel the world, get a taste of its raw nature.

      "It'll be several Monday, in your terms.  I have preparations to make. Enjoy your time here in the Fel arcology while you can."

       He left me, and I reflected that Dante never stayed in one place very long in THE INFERNO, either.



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