For Dinner: hot dogs and onion rings, cola to drink,  chocolate ice cream with chocolate syrup.
Mood: Incredibly unprepared and rushed.
Written in the Year of our Lord 3580, March 1st, Friday night.
Location: my apartment,  St. VS-8000 Seminary, Havlinn.
 First thing I did this morning after my shower was summon my "angel"....mine looks like pictures of Sir Thomas More, and of course, I call him Tom.
  "Tom, I'll be leaving for Loki Thursday."
  "I would advise..."
  "I would advise the same, but the Cardinal himself ordered it." Tom nodded. "The name of the starship will be Earth's Memory.  I want you to get the times, make sure everything in my apartment is turned off as far as utilities, data feeds, etc. I want a list of what I need prepared, given the conditions on Loki, and anything I don't have ordered from any necessary stores.  Any recent travels to Loki, by any authors worth reading, I want the books ordered.  I want you to leave messages with my family, friends, etc. that I will be gone on Tuesday, and the stay is indefinite, but that I'm acting under the Cardinal's orders. Do not disclose the destination."
  Tom nodded. "Anything else?"
  "Not that I can think of. If anything else occurs to you, please let me know. I'll miss  you, Tom."
   "The feeling;s mutual."
  Then he winked out.  Other centuries called them "agents" but "angels" is in guardian angels. Tom will rifle through every database he can search for information that will help me, will make sure my utilities are turned off in time, freeze any ongoing projects, delve into every place in cyberspace that can help me.
   I was going to feel awfully naked without him. Tom has been with me for a long time.
  I went to see Father Denson, to tell him I would be leaving.  He was an old man, but incredibly kind and incredibly smart. "So you finally got tapped by the Cardinal."
   "Yeah. First time I ever met him face to face.  If you can call it that. White hood, white crystalline mask.  It's spooky. It's strange."
   "I don't pretend to explain the Adrianites. We respect them, as we respect the Jesuits and other movements, but I think their determination to let go of their individual identity is a little silly. But Cardinal Crystalsong...excuse me, De Cajal, I don't want to be accused of lese an extremely intelligent and an ambitious man. I would not cross him unless I could possibly help it. I can tell though, the way you're reacting, that you don't want to go....wherever it is."
   "No. No, I don't. But I can't dispute that I'm one of the best ones for...what he has picked."
  "Is it dangerous?"
  "I think so."
  "I'll pray for you."
   "Thanks. I'll need it."
   I had messages from some of my friends, especially S'yaaha'sli who wanted to meet me for lunch tomorrow. Messages from my parents and brother. But I had been running around all day...some things cannot be handled by cybernetic "angels".  I fixed a quick dinner, because I was in no mood to savor the food.
   Saturday...Sunday...Monday...then I leave all I know behind.

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