Technically the oldest of the Kaanho proper, though the four Amonkaanho who live in the First World are older still. He was born in the Greater World, the son of Seye and Nado after C'Don ended the creation previous to Tu. When he found that C'Don had created three previous worlds and was contemplating creating a fourth, he grew obsessed with the idea. Thinking there were things unsatisfactory about each of the previous worlds, he decided to see if constructing things along lines opposite of C'Don's wishes would result in a better world. That brought him into conflict with C'Don. Most powerful of the Kaanho, he was teleported to Tu in an island in the far, far East, in a tower that is unbreakable, even to him, surmounted by a two-headed demon face. He found though, he could send his SHADOW forth, and invest mortals with some of his power in exchange for their shadows. Dahnmaya was such a mortal, last of the Cathurias after Lilung decimated the Cathurian empire...and Sagin bestowed great power on Dahnmaya, and it is Sagin's shadow that follows Dahnmaya. Indeed, Sagin can pick up information from any shadow he wishes, so little is hidden from him.

He is the Kaan of Evil and of Shadows. In appearance he is like a slim blonde, handsome, young man. It is believed, although no one but C'Don knows, that the Dark Tower on the Accursed Isle is made of the same substance that Angusin's armor is made of. Angusin's armor and spear are impervious to Sagin's power, but he is still much more powerful than Angusin, or Zaer, or any of the other Kaanho.

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