Sashang is the Kaan of the sea and oceans. She is represented as a great mermaid. Before Sagin challenged C'Don, she was in love with Sagin. She rages at his imprisonment, and the waves reach high on the isle he is imprisoned on. With Sagin imprisoned in a way even she cannot break, she has turned to a variety of lovers. Tuao is her main lover, and often they consummate their love as he settles in the West with the sunset, and tends any wounds given him by star-warriors. She wanted to join Sagin's rebellion for his sake, but did not have the courage to do it, giving only some support rather than actually battling. C'Don, who had valued Sashang highly, said, "Go your way, wayward and free. This punishment only do I put on you. Any children you have will be less than you, less than Kaan. And each succeeding child will be less in power and potentiality than the elder."

So it was. Sashang and Tuao's children were first, Lilung, first of the dragons and second, Swahan, first of the merpeople--who unlike Tuao was neither immortal nor blessed with great power...and third, the mindless and mortal Cria, first of the sea serpents.

Though welcome at Chialta she rarely goes there, and Angusin rarely asserts any authority over her. The great storms seen at sea are usually frustration at unable to break the C'Don-wrought tower in which Sagin of the Shadows lives.

Her sister is silver-shining Linfal, the Kaan of the Moon. For that reason, the tides follow the moon, as she reaches in sympathy to her sister.

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