Seyhe, (which means "Ghost-Queen") was the first of the Amonkaanho, the parents of the Kaanho who now inhabit Tu, the World Waterrimmed. She is the Kaan of the Soul or Spirit, and was created by the reflections of the blue ring on C'Don's hand (which is really Tu) on the lake Sonuria, which means Eternity. She is the first and foremost of them, and her husband is Nado. She has three children by Nado... Sagin, then Zaer, then Angusin. She also had a child by Pipiath, another of the Amonkaanho, due in part to Sagin's trickery.

It is said her tears, falling into the river Noth (Time) mixes with the light of C'Don and becomes the souls of men and woman. She is the queen of the dead souls who later gather under C'Don, and it is she who guides the souls that Zaer sends from Tu after their death before C'Don. Then Nado will speak of what they have earned and deserve, and Iader will speak of mercy and plead for the soul. Then C'Don will make his decision. Either the soul will stay with C'Don and the Amonkaanho in the paradise built near the lake Sonuria, or they will be exiled, and sent to wander the mountains of Chaos that encircle it. There are deep shadows in those mountains, and if the soul exiled falls into one, Sagin can do what he wills with it, even drawing it back to Sagin's prison on Tu.

Very rarely, she can be moved to send a soul back to address some danger to the living. So a very few ghosts are not sendings of Zaer's, but the actual soul returning by the grace of Seyhe.

In form, she assumes the shape of a slender, graceful woman, young yet with silver hair and pale skin. She wears white robes, and often goes hooded.

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