Or, in Linfal's script...

 Thron is sometimes called the Kaan of war, of bloodshed and carnage. Whereas Edonarter is a kaan of the nobler aspects of battle, of giving courage to those who need it, and fighting skills, and Angusin often decides which armies and which causes will win battles, Thron inspires bloodlust, bloodthirstiness, and joys in carnage and the prolonging of senseless slaughter. Her very name means "Blood".

Thron is one of the near-Kaanhos, the almost-Kaan. Her mother was Haddite, sister of Klaschi and daughter of Angusin and Linfal, and mother of many star-warriors, via elven males. She grew enamoured of Zaer's grim sullenness, though, and despite the fact that they were niece and uncle, seduced him. Perhaps she thought, by conceving a child via a Kaan, she might escape C'Don's judgement on Linfal's offspring. When the quarrel between Lilung and the star-children sprung up, she would not stay tame at Chialta, though she was halfway through her term. Some say the quarrel would not have happened were the babe in her was not exerting its influence. In the first battle between Tuao, the sun-dragon, and star-warriors, she was knocked from the sky, and Tuao's dragon-flame engulfed her. She could not maneuver as well as her wont, being with child.

She fell to Earth, as would her brother Klaschi centuries later, but died indeed. Yet Zaer, though he took his lover, did not take the child, but found it wrapped in Haddite's shadow, under the control of Sagin. In a shadow of her mother...yet seemingly solid, under the power of Sagin...the child grew and was eventually born. Red was her hair, and red were her eyes, and two of her upper teeth were strangely long. Sagin's shadow Presented it to Zaer, and he in turn, for the place of shades that Zaer ruled was no place for a child, took the child to high Chialta.

Linfal was away in the course of the moon in the sky. Angusin looked at his little grandchild/niece, and thought her appearance odd, but could not bear to turn her away, and Klaschi and the other star-warriors welcomed her as one of her own. As she grew though, some of the star-warriors grew weak and listless, and others grew more quarrelsome with each other as well as skilled in battle. She grew up as a warrior among warriors, more Kaan than star-warrior, yet stranger than either. It is said that she took as lover the elvenprince Gandachaun, who led the Elvenwar. Some think it was her presence that made him decide to rebel. Linfal when she came back, looked gravely at the young child, and secretely consoled Angusin to be on the lookout, that the child would be a grief both to Chialta to the world.

Her part in the Elvenwar was never proven, but often suspected. Soon after the Elvenwar, though, there was a cry from the star-warriors quarters, and the star-warriors rushed see Thron with her long, wampyrish teeth fastened on a star-warrior, draining his bright blood. He was also bleeding below, and upon examination it was found that Thron had not one but two sets of these teeth, and her womanhood itself had teeth she could use.

For her attack on her star-warrior lover, she was exiled from Chialta forever. "Granddaughter or niece, you are a horror who will not be tolerated here, " Angusin thundered.

Thron laughed. "Sit here sleek and indolent on high Chialta. I will be where the battles are, drinking deeply. Keep your white palaces close to the sky...I will go where the blood runs deep and red."

She put off the bright shining white armor of the star-warriors, and instead put on blood-red armor.

Ten daughters she had had, by elvenlovers, so the blood of elf, star-warriors, and Kaan ran through them all, and like her, they loved battle. They would come with her into battle, and mark those battlers who fought hardest and most unmercifully, and when they died, they would dispute with Zaer the ka of the warrior. Zaer would usually permit the taking of the ka, out of the memory of Haddite and because Thron's actions in fostering battlerage brought more shades to his kingdom.

She is usually shown with a cup, filled with blood, and carries a sword at her side for the slaughter. Wampyrs and ghouls are her especial favorites. Sagin prizes her as a valued ally, but she does not consider herself a servant to any, but certainly she is more attuned to Sagin than to Angusin and the other Kaanho of high Chialta. Of the three kaans of war, Angusin gives victory to the right, Edonarter gives courage and skill, but Thron gives instead misery and the pain of war.

She lives on a large island off the southwestern coast of Kaanrarho, which has an inland sea, of the blood of those who have died senselessly. There the kas, or shades, of the warriors snatched by her ten daughters fight endlessly, honing their skills for no reason that is apparent, save Thron's love of fighting. Some say, though, that Thron will someday lead these warriors against Chialta itself, in an attempt to overthrow Angusin. Angusin fears the shade of no mere man, however, and sees it merely as a expression of her bloodlust. Many times Thron will herself enter the ghost-fray, honing her skills. She is often abroad though, at the various battles of the world, and is sometimes seen at Wal Moortz, communing with the voice of Sagin.

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