None of the Tithonian animals have any limits to their lifespan, the flares every seventy-five years acting as a curb to their numbers, instead. Only the sentient race (and any pets) tend to live past one or two of the flare times. Some interesting animals are...

WUNWUZ--a cicada-like insenct, yet capable to withsanding the coldest temperatures.

HARGOS--Birdlike flyers, with no beaks but rather teeth with oddly human like mouths who inhabit the warmer latitudes.

POLIF--Giant, less hairy relatives of the sophonts--roughly the same relationship gorillas have to humans, save these are carnivorous and extremely dangerous. As intelligent as an ape, butmore solitary.

PIPESCREAMS (the Tithonian word cannot be adequately rendered in human phonemes)--Solidtary herbivores who lure symbiotic insects with their screams.

GREATMASSES--Massive herbivore, about as large as an elephant, sometimes dosmisticated.

FANGTAILS--snakelike cold weather canivores that attack in packs.

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