Tithonus, before all but one of its population was destroyed, was a unique world in that its members HAD no natural end to their lifespan. They were immortal save by mischance or deliberate murder. Unfortunately, a rogue Ganeshan macrolife asteroid decided to the learn their "secret" and committed horrible atrocities trying to use them as guinea pigs to find out that secret...and when they realized how far they had gone, decided to bury the evidence by destroying the ecosphere, killing all these potentially immortal beings. The Ganeshans as a whole feel great collective guilt for that, and the one remaining Tithonian is treated as a guest on Ganesha, and is treated royally. (He was an astronaut who was on his way back to Tithonus when this happened.

Here you will find links to...

Tithonus's Planetology,

Tithonus's Star System,

Tithonian Physiology...the physiology of the sentient race.

Tithonus's Fauna

Tithonus's FLora

Here are some aspects of Tithonus's culture...

Tithonus' Society

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