Hairy bipeds, with long hair of a silver or white color over most of the body. No nose, two extended hairy filaments, give sense of smell. Sexual mature when thirty. They have an unending lifespan. The Tithonian will go through many sets of teeth in their life, is almost constantly teething, every two or three Tithonian years. Around age 10,000, a stage is passed where one's mind loses some of the old information, to make way for new information. (A biological brain's capacity to hold information, although large, is not infinite.) If the mechanism goes wrong, madness can result. Even if it goes well, there is no predicting which facets of the original memory will be lost. It might be language, or one's early years,or who you're mated to. Usually only about one-tenth of your memory goes. The Tithonian will go through this once every ten thousand years, and the change (regarded much as we do menopause or senility) is a dreaded thing. Blood is yellow-green.

Their reproduction depends on a special tree whose scent, when flowering, triggers reproductive urges. These trees, called wombtrees, have an additional function. The young are implanted in them at one stage of their gestation, to protect them against the flare times.

In diet, they are herbivores.

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