Or in the alphabet of Linfal...

 Tjisir is the Lord of Storms, of wind, and clouds and thunder....and of winter. He is in form like a giant, with dark hair with beard. He wields two weapons, one a thunderwhip for making the crack of thunder, the other a blindingly bright axe, which is the lightning , called Cuchil which returns to him by tying the whip to Cuchil...and often the thunder will come after the lightning as the whip snaps it back. Tempestuous and moody, he is nevertheless great friends with Angusin, who he admires for his quick mind and bravery. Angusin, in turn, relies on Tjisir's brute strength and power.

Tjisir, interestingly, is the son of Sagin and Sashang. He takes more after his mother's nature in his wildness, and is like his father in power, but is like neither in that he tries to keep to the road C'Don has set him, and is an implacable foe of his father.

He is the forefather of all giants. When Tu was first created, and the first humans came to Tu, he assumed mortal stature to walk among them and befriend them. Tjisir is bluff and direct, hearty and often laughing. A woman among the humans befriended him. Soon they were lovers, and twins resulted...that killed her in the delivering of them, they were so big. These were the first giants, a male and female. They in turn married two more humans, and their children inherited their size.

Now, it was given to Angusin, in talking with C'Don at the Flame of Chialta, the information that the giants would soon dominate the humans with their greater size. Angusin said, "Perhaps if we seperate your giant offspring from the humans, they can each flourish, for a time."

So Tjisir interceded with his mother Sashang, mistress of the oceans, and a land was raised, for a time, between Elvish Isle and where Grejakim of the Golden Bay is now. Then Tjisir tooks his children and grandchildren to that land, and for a time, the giants flourished, gradually forgetting their human origins. They always held Tjisir as the most honored among the Kaanho.

Nevertheless, Tjisir still mourned their foremother. She died in the latter part of the year. Indeed, he stormed Zaer's domain, but Zaer had already sent the essence of the dead woman to C'Don's Undying Lands. Sorrowing, Tjisir always mourned his dead love at the time of year when she died, and brings in cold winds and snow over much of the world, in token of sorrow at her death.

Tjisir dislikes her mother's current lover, Tuao, the sun-dragon, and will often cover Tuao's light deliberately. He married Hedene, and although he remembers his mortal lover, has had daughters which became the rushing winds.

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