Tuao is the Sun-Dragon, fiery and gold-red. He is so bright that humans cannot bear to look at him. He wages battle with the Star-warriors. During the day, he is splendid in the sky, as the Star-Warriors rest and bind their wounds. But as day ends, they attack from afar, with spears and arrows, and the blood from Tuao makes him much redder in the sunset. Then the Star-Warriors appear, set in military formations which we call constellations, on the lookout for Tuao, as Tuao rests and binds his wounds on the Ocean under the World. Then Tuao returns, the rosy light of dawn is the much paler blood of Star-Warriors. Tuao nominally accepts Angusin's leadership of the Kaanho, but is too busy with his own battles to do much with the other Kaanho. The dragons are his offspring.

He is the Kaaan of the Sun, and of Light.

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