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The first major calendar was developed by the Titans' empire, on Tesut. It consists of twelve thirty month day, with "weeks" that are five days long, and a "monthless week" of five days at the end of the year.

The week consisted of C'Donarch, Seyharch, Nadarch, Ertarch, Piparch, named for the AmonKaanho of the Greater World, as well as C'Don the Creator of both worlds.

The year starts with the spring:

The three springtime months are: Hedecoe, Mayacoe, and Edonacoe.

The three summer months are: Angucoe, Tuaocoe, and Chiacoe.

The three autumn months are Sashacoe, Linfacoe, and Sagicoe.

The three winter months are Donalcoe, Tjircoe, and Zaecoe.

All the months are Kaan-names or at least associated with Kaan, followed by "coe" which means moon.

Every twenty-five years, there was another "monthless week" at the beginning of the year.

The human empire of the Cathurias didn't feel comfortable with using the Titans' weekly calender, although they kept the month-reckoning. Dahnmaya's empire, that followed it, especially didn't want any mention of the Greater World. So the calendar was changed to a six-day week, with the names of the first six humans as the basis for the day--Terdyas, Mersidas, Jipuas, Terfrask, Brauas, Hestas.

The human-Cathurian calendar was more unwieldy, for it added a day every other month save for the end of the year, and the "monthless week" was once every thirty years.

Most peoples use the Titans' calendar, only Dahnmaya's empire still uses the Cathurian/human calendar.

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