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40. Davyn Cathuria was the last king of the Cathurias. His younger brother Arilbi succeeded him, but renounced the name of Cathuria and the C'Donite ways of his ancestors, taking the mantle of Sagin, and calling himself in bitter irony, Dahnmaya(Shadowlover) Cath-me-bec, or Great-no-more. Davyn his older brother was a well-liked ruler. His beloved wife and child had died in a boating accident, and he was considering marrying again. Their uncle, the Duke Tutherte, came across a wounded dragon. Most dragons are exiles from their own society, criminals exiled from Lilung's domain, and considered fair game. Tutherte, who was a relentless, savage hunter, saw a rare opportunity to be able to brag that he had killed a dragon, and slay the wounded beast. Unfortunately, it was not a criminal, but the son of Lilung, Lathom, who had been wounded in a fight with a sea serpent. Lathom had ever counseled gentleness and understanding when dealing with the other races of Tu, and when Lilung found out he had been killed by a human--related to the ruling human family, no less--he was incensed. The dragon army, numbering in the thousands, rose out of the sea and decimated the Cathurian empire. The throne room was a mass of fire. Some few say that Davyn's advisor, who had been to Elvish Isle, took him to a secret location and put him into an enchanted sleep until the end times or the worst times happen, but most dismiss this as wishful thinking.
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