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7. Seylil, the next Emperor-king, was very different. Much more cautious than his diminutive cousin, he worked on fortifying the borders and protecting what lands he had. Nevertheless, the fleet which Merthkry build did not go to waste, for he commisioned many of the best captains as privateers, able to keep the spoils they got form their raids on the giants' lands as long as the freed prisoners were brought back to Honrar. The freed slaves brought a lot of knowledge with them, and there soon grew hope among the humans kept captive in the Titan's empire. There were one or two small uprisings within the Titans' terriotry, but it was stopped ruthlessly by the Titans. Nevertheless, humans tried escaping over the border to Reir and Honrar.

The Emperor of the giants decided to contain the poison, and instead built a great wall along the human-giant border, with the help of cyclopses from the south and using ogres as work animals, as well as more skilled artisans. The wall was high even by giant standards, reaching fifty feet high, but extending for thousands of miles. It was guarded at regular checkpoints by the giants on their side, so there was little help of escaping that way. The best hope for the humans under the giants' thumb was from the sea. Nevertheless, Seylil took no overt action himself, rather building up the fleet and making sure there were no forays by the giants towards the humans. Utnir, the giants called this immense wall, which in their language meant Landshield.

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