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Chiuria, after Lyre sat down, came up to his teacher. He had a fairy on his finger. The dimunitive being stood on the fingertip like a ballerina, its wing barely fluttering. "Look, Mayaron. It's staying on my finger," Chiuria whispered.

Mayaron stayed very still, but in a few seconds, the fairy left Chiuria's finger, flying off and leaving a trial of glowing dustmotes in the air.

"Awww...but so pretty!"

"Yes. A pale shadow of their elfen origins."

"Tell me the story again!"

"You know it very well, little one. Of how the elves were made to focus magick as servents of the Kaanho, as the jinn focus heat and other elemental forces. How they served on Chialta, but also spread over much of Tu, when both giants and men were few in number. They spread and spread...and then the elder son of the Elvenking, Gandichaun, found Wal Moortz, the Accursed Isle, where Sagin Shadowking is imprisoned."

"And since elves are soulless and somewhat amoral, the elder son struck a deal with Sagin for greater power and led the greater part of the elves against the Kaanho on Chialta!" Chiuria finished for him.

"See, you do know it! And what happened to the Elvenking, Titaror?"

"He was struck down by his own son, Gandichaun, and became the first elf to die...totally extinguished, since elves have no spiritual part that survives the destruction of their body. Then the traitor tried to storm Chialta!"

"And what happened, then? You know the story very well..."

"The younger son, Jequeror, and his wife, Thorifay, concentrated the minority of still-loyal elves on one island, and used their concentrated effort to sap the magick, weakening the attacking elves..."

"Then Angusin himself came and challenged the rebel Elvenprince Gandichaun, who was backed by the power of Sagin which made him much more dangerous than any mere elf...just as Dahnmaya is more dangerous than any mortal sorcerer, being a mortal whose power is increased by Sagin. Gandichaun was mightier than any mortal sorcerer even before Sagin increased his power. There was a battle that shook Chialta."

"What happened next? I know Angusin won..the rest is confusing." "As you say, Angusin won; and put a curse on all the elves who rebelled, reducing them in stature and mind, giving them fleetingly short lives rather than the endless lives elves enjoy short of physical violence. What little was left of their magick became wings that spread glowing trails in the night. They seem to mimic thinking beings, but it is instinctive memory, nothing more...the fairies are brainless as they flit among the flowers. The remaining elves, who were loyal, were given Wal Landand, Elvish Isle, as their land forever, and were freed from servanthood from the Kaanho."

"So every fairy we see, are descended from the rebel Elves....?"

"Yes. Pale reflections of the power and majesty they once wielded. Wizards imitate the Elvish arts of magick, but no mortal is as proficient as the elves are in magick. They are in every field, but the true Elven power is hidden on an isle across the sea."

Watching the tiny beings and the luminescent trails they left in the field, Mayaron said, "And as often happens, Sagin's plan failed...but left greater beauty in their wake."

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