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Chapter 11: The Hall of Dreams

Seyhe sighed. "It is so silent here, with just we four Kaanho and you, C'Don. I had not realized how silent."

"You wish some company? Come with me. Towards Pippiath's halls."

As they walked they heard noises come from the plain outside the halls. Pippiath looked at C'Don.

"You have a great joke planned, don't you?"

"In a sense."

Then they heard growlings and cries of strange beings, and they entered Pippiath's halls. Then they saw many of the animals C'Don had created, and were amazed to see them there.

"How can they be here and in the world you created?" demanded Nado.

"Look," said Iader. They seem strangely unsubstatial. Like shadows."

C'Don said, "All moving creatures created by me will go through a period of rest, in which a shadow of themselves...I call it a ka...will journey here, to the Greater World, and sport themselves near Pippiath's halls. The Plains are wide and free, and they will reside here, until their bodies wake up. Thus, the creatures can get a slight taste of what the Greater World is like...or, if they venture that way, the Mountains of Chaos."

Seyhe spoke,"Yet they are hollow...empty. It is a shadow, a reflection of the beings."

Pippiath laughed at a faun dancing. "Yet there is much that such beings, even as seemings, might learn on their daily forays to my realm."

"You are right, Seyhe. These beings, without full souls, will always be but poor shadows of what might be. "He took a small piece of metal, on which the six tears of Seyhe were beading up, that he had gathered. "Let us make other creatures, even more special."

"Wait, C'Don!" asked Pippiath. "What should I do with these?"

"What you will. Nothing you can do can truly hurt them. They will call their rests sleep, and marvel at the strange dreams and nightmares that come their way...yet will wake up in the next world the next morning."

"How do they get here?" said Pippiath?

"Let me show you."

Outside Pippiath's hall, which gleamed brightly, was the rushing river Noth where the Lake of Eternity, Sonuria, met it. "You see the once-placid lake now has eddies and currents, and as the water rushes by it is reflected in your windows, and in turn strikes the far wall, which is shiny. A reflection is the ka of the creature, tossed onto your plane....a reflection of time cast on eternity. That way, even the creatures of the New World will have a small taste of the Greater World."

"And humans? Will they also come here?"

"At night, when they rest, their ka will come. But the ka, being a shadow, will experience and remember imperfectly. Inside humanity will also reside another part, which will survive their bodies' destruction...and return here to the Greater World. To dwell with us forever, if we want them here."

He looked at the six tears. "And it will start with these."

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