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Chapter 12: The Shaping of Humanity

Seyhe said,"What do my tears have to do with these new beings?"

"Watch," C'Don. C'Don's light shone full force on the tears, and suddenly they started to grow. They were fashioned not unlike most of the Kaanho, two legs, two arms, one head, etc. Three of them were women, three were men. They grew, but they were still motionless and reclining, asleep.

"Products of your sadness and my light and joy, Seyhe."

"Do they have names?"

"The women are Mesidte, Terfre, and Hestsif. The men are Tyrder, Jipue, and Braus. Some are dark, some are light, some are short, some are tall. They will be the first, and from them all other people shall be descended."

"They seem so weak, sleeping there...."

"They are weak. Very weak. In their weakness will be their glory. Their story shall be taking weakness and overcoming it."

"Why not raise them here in the First World?"

"Because of those." C'Don pointed at their shadows. "Sagin's shadows still exist, a link from them to Sagin. And these shall be young, and easily deceived. They will often be led astray by Sagin...but if they are led astray here, Sagin is still free to work his evil here. I created them here, with bodies, as the first of humanity. And while they are here, they will dream a dreamless sleep, so Sagin can work no harm on them. When they return to the First World, they will be sheer spirit and soul, and no shadow shall dog their heels."

"Yet changed by their experiences in the shadow-haunted world," said Nado. "Many will not want to obey your ways, but rather Sagin's promptings...on their own."

"If Sagin had not betrayed you...what would they have been?" Iader asked. "It seems so cold to send them to that world, only half-formed and unordered."

"It would be indeed. They will sleep here, for a time...eight of their lifetimes, had they been awake. We will give time for Angusin to come to grips with his duties and the others to realize the scope of the world they are now thrust into."

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