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Chapter 2: The Geneaology of the Kaanho

Seyhe and Nado soon developed a love, and married; and they had children. The first was Sagin, blonde and slim, not unlike his mother in form. Like his father, he had a passion to order things, but unlike Nado, he would have liked to order things that were in C'Don's province, and alter things as they are.

Second was Zaer. He was grim like his father, but with silver hair like his mother. Endings fascinated him, and like his mother, he was also concerned with things spiritual.

The third was Angusin. Like his father, he had a passion for order and justice, and though the youngest of the three, he was the natural-born leader. His father was more of a judge, but Angusin was more like a king or chieftain. He also delighted in just battle, which for them was play, as young males will.

Iader and Pipiath grew attracted to each other, and C'Don married them, also. They had three girls. The eldest was Mayalaph. Like her mother, she was concerned with love, but more the physical passion than selfless love.

Then Iader had twins. Both chose a form to be different from the other Kaanho. Linfal, the elder twin, chose a form that allowed her to move quickly along the plain by the Lake Sonuria, and was the first centauress. She was like her father in features, but much more sombre, and her hair was much lighter, almost white. She loved to collect knowledge, and develop learning and wisdom. She made the first alphabet, and the first book.

Her sister, Sashang, was much wilder and her father in the wildness of her personality, but unwilling to take instruction from others. She loved to swim in the lake Sonuria, so she adopted a mermaid form, to swim better there. But the placidness of the lake irked her. Though much younger, she was strongly attracted to Sagin. She had golden hair like her father.

As this second generation of Kaanho grew, some things became apparent. Sagin was by far the strongest and most powerful, yet clever in his own way. He was often in the company of Pippiath, and delighted in learning ways to create things new, and also in Pippiath's sense of humor, though his own humor was darker and more cruel. Using his own power, he wove the first shadow. It gave respite for the eyes in the full light of C'Don, and added mystery and contrast to the great light that filled the Greater World, Canchtu. The Kaanho praised this new developement, and C'Don himself added his praise to this new invention, and with C'Don's permission, he journeyed from the great plain to the mountains of Chaos, and cloaked their sides in shadow. all agreed that the movable shadows, moving from the source of the light, added to the beauty of Canthtu. But Sagin was long on his own while he did this, and started forming strange thoughts, as he was far from C'Don's company and those of his fellow Kaanho. He got used to doing things on his own and not having any voice tell him nay.

He got to like it.

The seeds of many sorrows were to be found in that.

Linfal, on the other hand, often walked with C'Don. He told her of some of the places his thought ranged, and she took it down in her newly-invented alphabet. For even her memory was not perfect, and she wanted to make sure she could always refer back to it. C'Don fed her hunger for knowledge, and told her of some of the previous creations he had made, whose story had run and ended...the Red World, the Green World, the Silver World. He told her of some of the plans he had for the Blue World, but that he would wait till more of the younger Kaanho were grown until he initiated the Blue World.

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