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Chapter 5: Where Wisdom is Weakest

Sagin slowly walked to the Great Library. The books were all those written by Linfal, of course. The deeds of the Kaanho, as well as what C'Don had told her on many subjects, were recorded.

Linfal was writing furiously when he walked in. He bowed, yet there was a smile she could not see at the lowest point in his bow. "How may I aid you?"

She was beautiful, but she didn't move him. It was her sister, Sashang, that he treasured. She was cold and aloof, he thought, although his younger brother Angusin did not agree. She smiled, but the smile was as chill as moonlight. "You can take these tomes and put them up there on that shelf," and she pointed to a bare spot.

So began Sagin's servitude. He moved books, provided paper and pen and made the ink. Indeed, he mixed some of his own shadows with the ink, and everything written with the shadow-ink he was instantly aware of. But many books were written before his servitude, and he learned to read them and enjoy them. He was especially fascinated by the tales of earlier creations of C'Don's, and what happened to them. Of the Green World, and its uncontrolled growth of life. Of the Silver World, with its inhuman hubris and self-suficiency. And then the cruel, but proud Red World...yes, Sagin read long and hard on that one.

When he read sufficiently, he went to see Linfal.

"Linfal," he said,"I want to learn more of the wisdom of C'Don."

She laughed. "You are reading the books,are you not? That's a start."

"I want more."


"The more I know that C'Don knows, the more I'll comprehend his motives, and why he acts like he does...and how I can match my will to his."

"Or try to circumvent it."

"Linfal, do you love your twin, Sashang?"

Startled, Linfal answerd, "Yes."

"You know I love her..."

"I know she loves you. I think you have affection for her...but I think Sagin loves Sagin best of all."

"Yet C'Don loves us all, does he not? So it follows, the more I learn of his thought, the more I'll act like him...and the better it will be for your sister."

Love struggled with wisdom on Linfal's face. Then she said, "Very well. What would you like to know?"

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