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Chapter 6: The Shaping of Tu

While Sagin was quizzing Linfal about the manner in which the worlds were created, C'Don was speaking to Seyhe. "I have never done this with other living beings around, so I don't want you to panic or worry. I'm going to create a lesser world. Such is quite involved and usually involves my full concentration."

"Why not create the beings directly here?"

"Because they possess free will, and can go their own way. Not all of their ways will be ones that will please us. I like a place where I can enjoy myself and those who I wish to surround me in peace. Eventually, some in this secondary, lesser world, will find their way to us. Not all of them will so choose, I fear."

"What will this involve?"

"Nothing much. But I might summon the Kaanho to keep watch while my attention is directed towards this Creation. I'm sure some will find it instructive, like Pipiath, who is in his way a creator also. Please let the other Kaanho know I would like them gathered here."

So Seyhe went to summon the others. But when Linfal heard the news, she grew concerned. "I have told you what C'Don has told me of the ways of creating a world. You will know a little what to expect...more than you would have, perhaps. You won't...take advantage of it, would you?"

Sagin smiled. "Dear Linfal. Surely I could...but trust me, I am interested in witnessing the process myself.

"More than you know, perhaps."

Linfal's concern was increased by those words. But for love of Sashang, her sister, she kept mum. As they approached the Four Throne's around C'Don's seat, he saw Sagin talking earnestly with Sashang. She began to fear the worst. Too late she began to suspect the depths of Sagin's cunning, and then ran with all the speed of her centaur form to C'Don's side.

"C'Don! Sagin has been quizzing me about how you created the previous worlds. I told him, and now that you are about to create another, I fear his knowledge."

"Yes, Linfal. I know what he asked you. I'm glad you now realize that wisdom must sometimes be accompanied by discretion. It's a lesson you needed to learn...and I'm glad to hear you tell me this."


"The others are here. Sagin will not sway my course."

Linfal dropped back a few paces. The others gathered around him. "My Powers, you were created, both as a source of joy to me, but further, to be a joy to others I would create, and to be Powers they can depend on. Now I begin the creation of the lesser world which you shall be Powers to. This will take almost all of my concentration. A world is not created quickly or lightly. Do not interrupt or meddle, or the consequences will be dire."

C'Don looked directly at Sagin as he said that last.

"Observe, instead, for you will be the witnesses to a rare sight."

The light of his face caused a reflection in the blue ring as he stared at it. Then C'Don's body slumped, as if in sleep. That startled all but Linfal and Sagin, who knew what to expect. Linfal noted that Sagin was inching closer and closer to C'Don's body.

"Look in the ring!" cried Pipiath. He was obviously enthralled.

The reflected image of C'Don moved and then started walking, with a life of its own, within the ring. The Kaanho turned all their concentration on it, and with more-than-mortal senses, were able to detect what was going on within. The reflection of C'Don was within the large blue sphere that was really C'Don's blue ring. He reached down with both hands and pulled some of the blue stuff out, that was the outer wall of the ring out, so it made two mighty pillars coming in at an angle, one on the right side and one on the left. Where they combined a large "plate" was formed, not quite as wide as the blue sphere's inner limits, but nearly. It looked rather like a large flat table, supported by two "legs" coming out from the wall within the sphere. C'Don's form became smaller, and he started to walk the "table", which became a long flat blue plain.

The light of C'Don's face lit the plain. The blue stuff of the plain he touched, and it divided. Some of it became blue-green and liquid and became seawater, and the other got grey and harder, to become rock and soil. He moved the rock and soil so that it formed a coating over the blue stuff underneath, and then the water filled great hollows that he created on the surface of the plain. The more he worked, the more it became apparent that the water would be greater than the soil and rock atop the plain. Soon it began spilling over the side of the plain, falling to the bottom of the sphere, and the bottom of the sphere began filling with water. Little indentions he made in the soil and rock... where some parts were made taller than others, small peaks...

"Look!" Nado said, "They are like the mountains of Chaos, only much smaller!"

Below, in the under-ocean formed below the "plain", the light of C'Don's face would occasionally strike. Where it did, the heat would cause the water to become fog and vapor, to form clouds. The clouds climbed up until they hovered over the plain, and then the first rains came down...replenishing the waters.

"How orderly," said Nado.

"How creative," said Pipiath.

Linfal was absorbed in witnessing the creation, adding to her store of knoweldge, but the words brought her attention back to the Greater World, and with horror, she noted that Sagin was right by C'Don's body, on the side where the blue ring was. Sashang, her beloved sister, seemed to be fearful and urging him against something.

"Angusin!" she said to the Kaan next to her.

"What?" He was annoyed at being interrupted while watching something so unique.

"Be on the ready. Sagin is right next to C'Don, and C'Don has never been so...vulnerable. I fear mischief..."

Angusin looked at his eldest brother, and his eyes narrowed. He didn't want to spoil the moment, but he knew Sagin was a factor to be concerned about.

The older Kaanho, the Amonkaanho, and Mayalaph and Zaer were all absorbed in what C'Don was doing. But Angusin slowly started to edge his way towards Sagin.

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