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Chapter 7: The Dawn of Life

C'Don, however, was absorbed in his creation, and if he was aware of what was happening in the greater world above, he gave no sign. C'Don grew smaller, and the tiny "mountains" he created began to really look like mountains. As the first rains fell, his light fell on where the droplets fell, and plants started to grow...from the healing hesperdian goldapples to the deadly upas tree.

"Oh, lovely," breathed Iader.

"Oh, grand!" said Mayalaph.

Plants grew wherever C'Don turned his attention. Fruits and trees. Some were tremendous, like the mighty yggdrasil, others very tiny, like the lotus fruit. There was the moly plant, and the youthapples, and the discordapples.

Some areas were relativley bare, others became mighty forests or jungles. Then C'Don started to speak.

In the forests, he said names, and when he called the name, where his light fell, the light reformed around the word and became what was named. Every word he spake, there sprang up four to six animals thus named.








He walked the mountains of his newly-created world, still chanting names.




He walked the shores, and chanting names, and the waters stirred with new life.





He walked into the great caves, and chanting, created new life.





As the animals sped off on their own, Mayalaph knew that passion and reproduction would soon be her province. She could feel it.

C'Don walked the deserts, chanting names among the sand dunes.





Animals in bewildering variety sprang up in every place and clime, far too many kinds to list and name them all. But there was no sun, no moon, no stars. All the light sprang from C'Don's face.

The Kaanho...even Angusin, even Sashang...could not help but concentrate on the new creatures. Only Sagin was watching for his main chance...and as everyone's eyes were focused on C'Don's actions within the blue ring...

Sagin grabbed, and wrested the blue ring off C'Don's finger, and held it within a clenched fist. A shadow ran across all the Kaanho's vision, and suddenly their attention was turned to the Greater World. Angusin leaped for Sagin, but Sashang blocked him. Before there could be battle, Sagin smiled and said,

"Calm down, Angusin, this isn't one of your mock-battles. I hold all of C'Don's marvellous new creation in my clenched fist. I hold C'Don's essence, busy creating, while his main form here seems comatose.

"I am the mightiest of the Kaanho. Together, doubtless, you could beat me...but I hold a whole world in my hand. I hold your Creator's essence, in my hand. What would happen if I used all my strength to crush it?

"Are you sure what would happen?

"Are you willing to take that chance, if you stop me? The 'all-knowing'--hah!--C'Don told us that the consequences would be dire if the process of creation was interrupted.

"Or will you do the sensible thing, and acknowledge that I hold all the cards...and do as I say?"

Nado was coming forward, and Angusin was getting up. But both stayed where they were, on hearing that threat. There was silence while Sagin, grinning, surveyed them all. Seyhe, spokesmen for them all, said,

"Let none approach Sagin. We dare not take a chance, either with C'Don's new Creation, nor with C'Don." She then turned towards Sagin. "Sagin. By the love we once shared, by your gratitude of my having you, give me the ring."

"Give you the ring? Before or after I crush it?"

"Sagin, don't!"

"Then, Mother...bow down to me as if I were C'Don."

Seyhe, having no choice, slowly bowed, as if weighed down by chains. The others imitated her, but the rage on Nado and Angusin's faces was evident.

"That's better."

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