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Chapter 8: Sagin and C'Don

Sagin, smiling at the bowing Kaanho, walked up to C'Don's chair. Then he contemptuously kicked C'Don's form out of the chair. Sashang, who had not bowed, being at his side, nevertheless leaped in front of C'Don's form and cushioned the fall. But C'Don's face was muffled against the ground. The light that streamed from it became muted, and all the Greater World, instead of an eternal noon, the light became as dusk...still able to see things, but muted. A cold wind started to blow from the mountains of Chaos, which became ominous for the first time. Sagin, nevertheless, had no eyes for his lover, Sashang, or the form of C'Don. He sat down in the seat of C'Don, and surveyed the First World.

C'Don's seat was a gleaming white throne, somewhat higher than the others. Sagin brushed his blonde hair back and said. "God is dead. Long live God."

He smiled. "That God is... myself."

Angusin looked up, trying to see some sort of opening to wrest the ring from Sagin. But what he saw startled him. Sagin's fist was not completely clenched, and he could see a tiny sliver of the blue ring through the fist. With his more-their-mortal sight, he could peer into the ring and see what C'Don's essence was doing while such dire events were taking place. C'Don was on an island, on the far eastern end of the "plate", and he was a'building a tower around himself, a Dark Tower. It was without doors or windows that he could see, and the horrible suspicion grew that C'Don was indeed aware of what was happening, but had chosen to hide himself from the Kaanho, who loved him, to stay in his new creation. That he was blockading himself in the Tower to keep from being bothered by them!

Either C'Don was not all-knowing, or was a coward. He saw no other option. Angusin prized courage and striving, and was loath to believe either. The thought was a greater pain in his heart than Sagin's betrayal.

He sprang for Sagin, heedless of C'Don's fate or the fate of the world newly-minted, in his rage and despair. But Sagin took his left hand and caught Angusin easily by the throat.

"Ah, little brother, you never were a match for me." He turned to the others. "Let no one else stir, lest the ring be destroyed!" Then he turned back to Angusin. "Bravest of the brave are you. It is a shame that you have not the power to back your valor."

Sagin tossed Angusin against the high embankment which enclosed the Lake Sonuria, with such force that the embankment was shattered. In the twilight of the muted light, they saw part of the lake start to rush out in a steady stream, a river that raced for the Mountains of Chaos.

"Look, little brother! Already we change the face of the Greater World!"

Angusin looked at the blue ring, and looking through the sliver, saw the last stone laid in place in the Dark Tower. C'Don was completely encased in it, without any hope of emerging without breaking down what he had just erected. Despair and rage filled Angusin.

Sagin's laughter rang over the twilight of the Great World, and all felt their heart turn to bitterness and ashes. Never did they dream of such malice and such sorrow entering their hitherto perfect world.

Then, there came the calm voice of C'Don from the ring in Sagin's hand.

"Hello, Sagin. Enjoying yourself?"

Sagin started comically, and this time the laughter was Pippiath's. He glared at Pippiath. "Silence, jester!" Then he turned to the ring he held in his hand. "Why, yes, C'Don, I have been enjoying myself. We have already made some changes in your 'perfect' world. I will make more. Too bad the 'all-knowing' C'Don did not know what was coming."

"If you say so, Sagin. So you intend to change places with myself?"

"Exactly. I am now in your throne, at the pinnacle of existence. My dearest wish is granted."

"Your dearest wish is to exchange places with me?"

"Surely you knew that, if you are all-knowing?"

"I want to be sure. I want you to be sure. You want to exchange places with me?"

Sagin laughed. "Yes! Yes I do!"


"Forever and ever!!" laughed Sagin. "Which you should know, if you were all-knowing!"

"I like to hear it. I like to give you a chance to change your mind. That way, I can say...

"Your wish is granted, Sagin."

Suddenly the light was blinding. For C'Don's body was no longer on the ground, but on the seat where Sagin had been sitting. They looked at the ground, but Sagin wasn't there either.

" he?" Seyhe asked.

Then Angusin laughed. "I know! That great tower you were building, without exit...he's there, correct?"

C'Don said. "Yes. Nor can all his power...nor the power of any, whether Kaan, nor the creatures to come, like Men, Elves, or Jinn--avail against that tower. Nothing can pierce it without my will behind it."

Suddenly the Greater World was shaken by a scream of rage, frustration, and despair. Every shadow gave it forth. The voice was Sagin's.

Then one of the shadows disattached itself and formed a man-shape. "How long, C'Don?"

"You said...forever and ever. Have you forgotten?"

"No escape?" said the voice of Sagin.

"None. Now, begone!" C'Don gestured and the shadow scattered into a thousand pieces.

Mayalaph spoke, "Isn't it dark in the blue world without you in it?"

"Yes. The animals are now sleeping, and will sleep until light comes."

Angusin spoke up. "I doubted, C'Don..."

"Yes. And you showed your bravery, even when you thought I had betrayed you all and abandoned you all."

Then he turned to Sashang, who had aided Sagin.

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