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Mayaron stood in front of his students, going over the geography tests, while they had study time. Then he looked up and said, "Lyre."

Uh oh. What did I do now?, Lyre thought. He stepped to the side of the centaur. "Yessir?"

"Your answer here...the greatest and oldest city in the world..."


"Chialta, I suppose, is technically correct...but being the city of the Kaanho, it is beyond our power to reach or verify. I was really fishing for C'Stepho, the City of Great Towers, in Honrar."

"Sorry about that."

"That's all right. There were actually several could have as easily said the City-under-the-Sea where Lilung rules. I guess I was thinking of places we could actually visit," Mayaron grinned.

"Fat chance," Lyre grinned back. "I'll probably live and die in this same small village, in this small kingdom of Grejakim, on the other side of the world from Honrar."

"You may be surprised, Lyre. The strangest things happen to the most ordinary people. I've travelled some, and have even gone as far as the plains of Reir, and that's not too far from Honrar. Or you might travel in the opposite direction, oversea, and go as far as Wal Landand, Elvish Isle, and learn to be a wizard..."

Lyre laughed. "Can you see me casting spells? No thank you."

Mayaron said,"Lyre, I'm no prophet. But I will be very surprised if you end your life in this sleepy little town. I think you will leave someday."

"I can hope," Lyre grumbled.

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