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1 The Creation of Tu, the imprisonment of Sagin, and the coming of the Kaanho to Tu.

500 The Elvenwar. Jequeror becomes the Elvenking, after the death of his father. The creation of faries.

505 The coming of Man

600 Japastae and Tjisir mate, Jonymon and Jodeu, the first giants, born a year later, killing Japasae. The first Winter.

620 Jonymon and Jodeu marry humans, have more giant children.

650 raising of Tesut out of the sea, Tjisir brings the giants to Tesut to grow free from endangering other mortals. Year One of the Titan's calendar.

1150 Tethonea at Wal Moortz, plans with Sagin.

1175 Tethonea becomes Empress.

1177 fleet reaches Wal Moortz, the trapping of Zaer, the sinking of Tesut.

1178 Athpo, the first non-Tesut Emperor, takes what is left of the giants to the North of Cathrarho. They establish an Empire that starts to grow.
1670 The Titan's Empire at its zenith.

2125 C'Der Cathuria born in the small fishing village that will later become C'Stepho, or Great Towers.

2175 C'Der Cathuria leads a guerilla war against the giants in his area that causes them to recede from Honrar. Year One in the human calendar.

2675 Retreat of all giant's sovreignity to behind the mountains leading to the northernmost reaches of Catharho. Humans not under the giants' domination anywhere.

3160 The birth of Davyn Cathuria.

3163 the birth of Arilbi Cathuria, who will later become Dahnmaya Cath-me-bec.

3190 The death of Lilung's son by Davyn and Arilbi's uncle; the rising of the dragons in wrath out of the sea; the destruction of the Cathurian Empire. Davyn becomes the Sleeping King, believed dead by all but a few. Arilbi makes a deal with Sagin and becomes Dahnmaya Cath-me-bec.

3450 birth of Klassadon.

3488 death of Klassadon. Dahnmaya unable to endure sunlight; the retreat of Dahnmaya's empire underground, while maintaining the one above ground. The Flame taken by C'Donite priests from the ashes of Klassadon's pyre.

3977 After long "consolidation" that shrunk Dahnmaya's empire more and more aboveground, the last remnent destroyed in a great battle that freed C'Stepho of the last vestiges of Dahnmaya's control. Seperate kingdoms resulted...Honrar, Grejakim, Reir, and many others.

4953 Lyre born.

4957 Falnee born.

5450 the return of Davyn Cathuria from his sleep; the battle with his brother, Dahnmaya, over the next five years.

5455 The end of Tu.

Other works of history include OSYNARLANS, the history of the Titan Emperors.

There is also KATHCATHURIA, a history of the Cathurian kings.

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