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~OSYNARLANS, stories of the Emperors~

1. Iree.

The first emperor of the giants, the natural leader among the clutch of cousins who first populated Tesut. Tesut was a very large island which had mountains ringing a great central plain. They built a village on the mountainslope overlooking the great central plain. Tjisir himself would come to visit sometimes, and a waterfall coming off the mountain became a great river leading into a central lake. Iree married a cousin of his, Titatua. They called their first village, Egancrin, which meant, "Grandgift".

They domesticated griffins for hunting, which they used as hunting animals, like the mythical dogs. They would eat hippogriff meat, or mantichore meat, or minotaur meat. They also planted the fastgrowing jacbeans.

Titatua died in a fever, after bearing Iree three chldren. He remarried a giantess called Tunglops, who bore him two more children. But his new wife got jealous of the position Titatua's children occupied and, when he was sleeping, tried to kill him, with her teenage son and daughter there. His faithful griffin outside, sensing something was amiss, started growling, and he awoke, and was able to grab his axe, and killed his wife, who held a knife...but not his own son and daughter. He did, however, promise that they would never hold positions of trust, and thus, the family of rulers who followed Iree were known as Titans, as descedents of Titatua, as opposed to the descendents of Tunglops. He lived another five years and then died in his sleep, at the age of 110. Giants live as long as 120 years, on average. Over the course of his lifetime, the population grew to about one hundred and twenty giants.

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