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~OSYNARLANS, stories of the Emperors~

3. Lirna

Lirna, the first Empress by birth, was quite a student. She learned many things from dwarves and Linfal who came visiting helping the infant society. She built a bridge across the rushing Hymion river, and helped expand the three villages that were already built, and founded many more. She sent out expeditions to explore many of the other parts of Tesut, to find valuable minerals they could use in building. The exploreers found where the Hymion river, after joining the great central lake, continued afterwards through the mountains and met the sea.

\ She married her cousin, the ruler of Gardheim, and often loved to visit there. She expanded and fortified it.

She was also the patron of quite a few artists, and she started to institute schooling in Linfal's script. She set up a system of scribes, to record history. It may be that the first version of Ursuamon was written then, from Linfal's own lips. It is also said that Lirna was taken at Tjisir's bequest, to Chialta, and there observed firsthand the city of the Kaanho, and was both envious and inspired by it.

She was the early "civilizing" influence on the growing civlization. No less then ten additional towns were started under her rule, and the first mortal library and school for scribes was started.

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