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~OSYNARLANS, stories of the Emperors~

5. Hymion

Vranagri's nephew, Surtde's son, Hymion was fascinated by waterways. He founded a city built in the middle of the central lake of Tesut, and renamed the mountaintop village Titays, and made it his couple. He was a restless man, and fascinated by boats. He was not allowed to sail on the sea lest he be lost and the succession be in question, but as a young man he commissioned the first mapping of Tesut from the outside, commissioning ships to sail the ocean. As he got older, he sent an expedition as far as Wal Langand to the west. His was a time of dynamic expansion. One of the last expeditions he sent, before his death, was to the east, to find Cathrarho, from which they came. The fleet found it, but much of the fleet was decimated in a storm. They did not find their smaller human cousins, but found a deserted shore.

His time was remarkable for trying to understand the dryads who inhabited Tesut, as well as first discovering and trying to communicate with the merpeoples. From the merpeoples they heard rumor of dragons and other underwater wonders, and they tried to meet with the elvenpeoples of Wal Langand, with very limited success. Though the sea peoples were small, they maintained somewhat friendly relations with the Sea peoples. There was also a common bond between them in that both could trace their descent to Sashang.

The Fair Folk were more mysterious to them, and became almost an object of fear, as the giants did not have anything approaching the glamour of the elves.

The first great seaport of Tesut was named Hymionys, and the ocean between Cathrarho and Kaanrarho (which encompassed Wal Langand and Tesut) was called Shang Hymion, Hymion's Ocean.

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