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~OSYNARLANS, stories of the Emperors~

6. Gymde

Gymde was Hymion's daughter. She loved the mountains as much as her father loved the sea, and sent expeditions that mapped internally all the land of Tesut. She also sent expeditions across the sea that landed on the shores of Kaanrarho, and encouraged the building of a settlement there, as she did encourage the building of a settlement in Cathrarho (It was that settlement that first enslaved some of the savage human tribes near there). But her joy was always the mountains, and she herself scaled the highest mountain of Tesut, Josheim, and planted her standard there.

Under her reign the giants first encountered a dragon, recognizing it from the descriptions given by the merpeoples and those giants' who had visited Chialta and seen Tuao the sun-dragon. They brought the merpeople to interpret, and it proved to be a rogue dragon, Lashangom, exiled by Lilung for the crime of killing his (Lashangom's) brother. Lashangom killed a few giants before the merperson could interpret, but afterwards, he became a guardian of the Imperial treasuary and gave Gymde much information about the immortal kingdom of the dragons. Being immortal, Lashangom became an advisor to many emperors. Much of what we know of the early history of the dragons came from Lashangom's lips. He was rather amused at the giants' "civlization", thinking it backward and savage, yet he made many suggestions which he hoped would improve it. He was tired of living the life of an exile, and was well fed and pampered by the giants. When Tesut sank, he flew off, but lightning killed him. It is said that Tjisir was angered that he would desert the giants without trying to save any. It is also said that Lashangom knew of Tethonea's plans and advised her to pursue them, the plans that ended in the sinking of Tesut.

Under her reign the great palace in Titays was built, and some say Lashangom gave advice in the building, modeling it somewhat on Lilung's palace in the City-Under-the-Sea. The chief mason was Aloebil, and it is said that he took one of Lashangom's suggestions ammiss, and that Lashangom lashed out and took out an eye. Since then, the guild of masons and smiths for Tesut took a single eye as a symbol, and many adopted an eyepatch in ceremonies. Later, those of the guild who aided Tethonea were changed, literally, into the one-eyed cyclopses, but that was still centuries in the future.

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